Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: 10/02/1993
  • Height: 157 cm (5 ft 1 in)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
  • Birthplace: Beirut, Lebanon
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Pornstar Biography

Little in size yet not in sex advance, Mia Khalifa has been making cocks firm since her ascent to pornography fame. Broadly known as the hijab pornstar, her Arab-American legacy has brought her as much contention as popularity. In any case, this triple-D porno fireball has become a fap-commendable ladies' privileges symbol, taking on some disputable points and indicating the world that in addition to the fact that she has enormous tits she has huge balls, as well. From turning into the #1 pornstar on Pornhub.com, to outperforming industry legends like Lisa Ann, to sucking chicken in a hijab, Mia Khalifa has been barely out of reach of everybody's mind. Modest cutie Mia Khalifa was conceived in Beirut, Lebanon, yet was brought up in the United States. Miss Khalifa moved to Texas to get her degree, so she has huge cerebrums to coordinate those large boobs. She is a pleased attractive nerd. Truth be told, she inclines toward her folks to be canny, and on the off chance that he is a gamer, that is surprisingly better. Huge tits, huge cerebrums and large balls… the main thing that isn't huge about Mia Khalifa is her tallness. Remaining at a unimposing 5'2" tall, she scarcely needs to jump on her knees to give a penis massage. In any case, we sure love it when she jumps on her knees, on the grounds that Mia can draw the chrome off a trailer hitch. Actually, her preferred sexual act is giving a sensual caress! Mia got into the skin business when she was working the drive-through at a burger joint. A client inquired as to whether she at any point contemplated doing pornography. He was clearly simply planning to put his meat between her buns, yet that question propelled her astounding ascent to fame. Mia turned into the focal point of overall debate when she began making hijab pornography. She got analysis from the Lebanese government and passing dangers, yet she additionally had startling help from compelling Lebanese creators and open figures. Barring cocks, things never got hard for her after the discussion, and Mia Khalifa kept on acquiring her title as the hijab pornography star by accomplishing more sex recordings and webcam appears. She needs all ladies who have been stifled to realize that it's OK to draw out their internal whore. She is freeing her tits from their bra, her pussy from its underwear, and her sexuality from her way of life. Being depicted as a lady sucking chicken in a hijab put Mia in the focal point of social contention, yet she dealt with it with beauty and nobility. Mia Khalifa didn't down and called attention to that Hollywood delineates Muslims in a much more awful manner than she ever could. Tossing her DDD tits in the allegorical boxing ring, Mia Khalifa has never been reluctant to take on any cockerel or any battle (or any pornography sovereign, so far as that is concerned). Mia's speedy ascent to sexual acclaim thumped Lisa Ann off the Pornhub pornstar top spot. Maybe it wouldn't have been long until the notorious MILF was ousted by a modest XXX newcomer. Fans were so amped up for this issue Lisa Ann and Mia Khalifa were put tit for tit and head to head on Youtube's iO Trendz, in a road contender gamer-style video where the two fight it out. Mia Khalifa soar to pornography fame and shockingly, left the business similarly as fast. Turning into the most well known pornstar on Pornhub inside her initial not many months, she keeps on being one of the top ventures. Post-pornography profession, Mia considers herself an online networking character. She has an online life following to match numerous porno film veterans. Mia Khalifa isn't just gifted at sucking rooster, she's additionally talented at becoming a web sensation.
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