Publish Date:06.04.2021

Possibly we will go deeper into Milffuck and see what's all about this place. As you know, this website has far more than the eye meets. When you look at the architecture of the web, for example, you will see that it has everything I want. The backdrop of the web is black, its orange color is cool (which coincidentally corresponds to my site) and its buttons overall are very pretty and new. Where Milffuck struggles in the user interface is, in my view, how the buttons in the navigation bar are actually used. You see, buttons such as these should have a particular purpose and all should cover the categories as they are here.You also stuck with the most popular groups on the web instead of being the highest scores or the most popular videos on the navigation bar. I will switch to a category tab that has a different button on the navigation bar if I had to see the category. But oh well, I think you're going to be struggling with something on milffuck.If you continue to use the place for a very long time, you will also have to deal with the lack of a proper Last Page feature. You managed to mess up everything in the WordPress coding and the website is designed so it only gets you to an error page when you hit the Last Page button.