Publish Date:27.03.2021
xfreehd! xfreehd! This is one of the greatest retro films, songs, pornstars, etc. porn websites. So what is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the xfreehd logo? This is not essentially the Pornmonde2 reverse logo for another name? At first, I thought they're related to Pornmonde in some way, but there's nothing to say...
That also makes me wonder how complicated it was for them to produce a template which doesn't look like one of the most popular free porn pages in the world... Anybody who likes porn as much as I do, would think the same thing, because the logos look very similar.
They should at least have attempted to paint it with a neutral hue, but still remained in orange/black.

Obviously, I still have to talk about their general style when I mention their logo because while xfreehd doesn't look like a full clone, several other comparisons remain. What I want to mean is that it wasn't so fucking difficult to get another color mesh instead of a black and orange version. But I'm sure you're here to see the content, and maybe you don't even consider the like.
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